About Menigma Borzois

Current Borzois

Gino Horse and Hound Bellagio at Menigma Bred by Pamela Buffington

DOB 09/11/2011  IMP USA

JJ - Champion Ujay Kalinow At Menigma JW ShCM  Bred by Robert & Silvia Kalinowski 

DOB 11/04/2014 IMP GERMANY

15 CC's, 9 BOB's and 11 RCC's 

2 BIS, 2 BPIS and 2 RBPIS at open shows.

Phoenix - Coverdale's Volcanus At Menigma Bred by Kaisa Talvenheimo

DOB 13/05/2014 IMP FINLAND 

3 RCC's 

Dustin - Champion Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma ShcM ShCEx Bred by Jane Bishop, Patricia Triandos, Linda Harvey jointly owned by Lynda Cattoni-Sarman. 

DOB 20/04/2016 IMP USA

14 CC's, 11 BOB's, 9 RCC's and 3 CACIBS

5 Group Placing at Championship shows including a group 1

Rory - Ryazan Viceroy of Radost at Menigma Bred by Ms Jean Clare, jointly owned by Lynda Cattoni-Sarman like this dad. 

DOB 22/09/2020

Current Awards 

Junior Warrant (JW): The Junior Warrant is an award which a dog can achieve through winning certain awards at Open and Championship shows, when the dog is between 6 and 18 months of age.

JJ was awarded this 2015

Show Certificate of Merit (ShCM): The Show Certificate of Merit is an award which a dog can achieve through winning certain awards at General and Group Open shows and must obtain a total of 25 points though group wins.

JJ was awarded this also in 2015 and Dustin 2018 

Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx):

The ShCEx will replace the existing ShCM, subject to a transition period as outlined below.

The points system will have significant changes:

  • A Show Certificate of Excellence will be issued to a dog achieving 50 points at General and Group Open shows. 
    (Note: number of points required for existing Show Certificate of Merit is 25).

  • Points to be gained by a dog aged 18 months and over.

Dustin was awarded this in 2019  

Current Awards 

Challenge Certificate (CC)

(C.C. or ticket). This is a certificate which the judge signs stating that in his or her opinion the dog is worthy of becoming a Show Champion.

Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC)

All unbeaten winning dogs then challenge for this award. This certificate states that the dog given this award is worthy of being awarded the CC should the certificate winner be disqualified.